Good to see you!

Hello, I’m Tris Lee, my full name is Le Thanh Tri, a Digital Marketer/Freelancer who loves a minimalist and good-natured lifestyle. I’m on a journey towards financial freedom and material freedom. This website is built as a blog to share interesting things that I have experienced, as well as a place to store the necessary knowledge for my life and work (and may also be useful to you).


I used to plan to write this website with a dynamic, positive and inspirational tone to build my “personal branding”. However, when I think about it, that’s not who I really am. So, this is a confiding blog suitable for introverts, who like sincerity, sometimes negative themselves but always aim for a kinder and happier life, like me.



In the contact section, I have a mailing form. You can send me an email (anonymously) to ask about me, say what you want to share, confide in, or criticize or suggest. I always want to receive positive feedback from people I know to improve myself.



Have a good day!


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